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Dr. Eric Barker | 09/26/2021 

Liposuction in general is a procedure that removes unwanted fat from the body. It's been used for decades to help people with unattractive fat so they can get their desired body shape and size. This leads to very important questions: Why did Peak Plastic Surgery Center in Denver, CO stray from the old/traditional liposuction machines and bring in VASER Liposuction? How many inches can you expect to lose? Are the results worth it?

The answers to the above questions depend on several factors, but in general, the results from the contouring provided are significant. VASER Liposuction will not only remove areas of stubborn fat but also break up fat attachments under the skin and provide skin tightening to the area. In regards to how many inches you will lose, that all depends on the areas being addressed, and is of the utmost importance to have an in-depth assessment with an expert plastic surgeon in the field of body contouring. Dr. Eric Barker has performed more than one thousand liposuction/body contouring surgeries and can walk you through the process and set your expectations.

While VASER Liposuction isn't necessarily a weight loss procedure, you will still see dramatic contouring results when working with Dr. Eric Barker at Peak Plastic Surgery Center. Read below or call our clinic in Denver, CO to set up your next appointment.

How does VASER Liposuction work?

Liposuction is a body sculpting option for men and women who have areas of fat on their bodies that are difficult to lose. Dr. Eric Barker is excited to offer what's known as VASER liposuction, a high-definition procedure that disrupts fat cells and tightens skin using ultrasonic frequency technology. This means fat can be removed in a safer and more effective manner while providing skin tightening in the treated area. In fact, patients only need local anesthesia to complete the treatment and do not require general anesthesia.

Because VASER Liposuction is more gentle than traditional liposuction, recovery time is typically shorter with less bruising and swelling. Because of this, patients can return to work and enjoy a renewed body shape much sooner.

How much fat will I lose after VASER Liposuction?

The amount of fat removed during VASER liposuction depends on each patient's specific needs. The average amount of fat removed per patient varies greatly and is all dependent on your body shape, size, and the areas being treated. Peak Plastic Surgery Center works closely with each patient to meet their specific needs and goals. Dr. Eric Barker will discuss the expected amount of fat from each area that is to be removed during your consultation to give you a better idea for your individual surgical plan.

How many inches will I lose?

If you're an appropriate candidate for VASER Liposuction, you could expect to lose up to a few inches off of your waist/abdomen, but also depends on the areas being treated during the procedure. Again, this varies based on different factors that will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Eric Barker. What can be expected is that you'll see a slimmer profile after VASER liposuction in Denver, CO.

In addition to the immediate results from your surgery, many of our patients find that VASER Liposuction also gives them the motivation needed to continue working out and eating healthy long-term.

You can also maintain your results by:

  • Following our post-liposuction recovery instructions
  • Sticking to a healthy and well-rounded diet
  • Engaging in cardiovascular exercise
  • Avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol intake

Lose inches with VASER Liposuction body sculpting

If you are an appropriate candidate, with the help of VASER liposuction, you should expect to lose inches from your waist. If you're interested in learning about whether VASER Liposuction would work for your needs, contact Peak Plastic Surgery Center in Denver, CO. Dr. Eric Barker will answer all of your questions and provide expert advice on what will give you the best body sculpting results. Our team has helped many people just like you reach their body goals.

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