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When the earlobes sag or appear damaged in some way, it can distract the gaze from the eyes and the smile, compromising the appearance and interfering with self-confidence. Earlobe repair allows patients to enjoy a wider range of hairstyles and experience ears that appear balanced, symmetrical, and free from imperfections.

Why Choose Us for Earlobe Repair?

Dr. Garrett Locketz understands the frustration that can arise when your earlobes appear enlarged, damaged, torn, or stretched out. Many patients choose to always cover their ears with their hair in order to conceal earlobe imperfections. His nuanced, cutting-edge surgical approach delivers elegant and customized outcomes, restoring peace of mind and quality of life. Dr. Locketz underwent extensive training in Facial Plastic Surgery at Stanford University, UPenn, and NYU, where he completed elite Fellowship training in his field. He was awarded the prestigious Carniol Award for Excellence in Facial Plastic Surgery.

Patients choose Peak Plastic Surgery Center for its outstanding concierge care, luxury amenities, and thoughtful, considerate staff. Patients receive access to spacious, state-of-the-art treatment suites equipped with the latest in advanced technology where their comfort, privacy, and convenience are continually optimized.

What is Earlobe Repair?

Earlobe surgery can correct a variety of cosmetic concerns, allowing patients to once again enjoy wearing all their favorite jewelry and hairstyles. The procedure can combat earlobe sagging due to heavy earrings, earlobes that have become torn or infected due to improper piercing techniques, congenital earlobe imperfections, injury or trauma to the earlobes, and enlarged earlobe holes due to fashion-related gauging or stretching. By reconstructing the lobes with skill and artistry, Dr. Locketz can help enhance employability and boost self-confidence.

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How is the Procedure Performed?

Repairing tears and lacerations

During repair surgery, skin lining the piercing is removed to create new edges that can then be sutured together for a more seamless appearance. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia and typically takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Correcting gauged earlobes

Gauged or stretched-out earlobes can be reconstructed to revive their appearance. The skin and soft tissue of the ears are refined, and sutures are used to restore natural-looking contours. Treatment takes 30-60 minutes and is done under local anesthesia.

Reducing enlarged earlobes

Earlobe reduction is an excellent option for patients with naturally enlarged lobes or those struggling with age-related earlobe elongation. Excess soft tissue and skin are excised from the area near the bottom of the ear. Treatment can be performed in about 30 minutes to an hour under local anesthesia.

Earlobe rejuvenation

With the aging process, the soft tissue of the lobes can begin to deteriorate and thin out. Earlobe rejuvenation can restore lost volume in the earlobes, strengthening their overall structure. Dermal fillers are used, and treatment takes just minutes to perform. 

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What Will My Recovery Entail?

Recovery after earlobe repair tends to be minimal since only local anesthesia is utilized. Minor swelling and bruising may occur for 1-3 days. Patients can usually resume normal activities after their procedures, but they should take care to avoid vigorous physical exertion for up to 2 weeks. 

Patients should avoid putting any pressure on the ears, sleeping on their backs for up to 4 weeks post-op. Sutures that need to be removed are addressed within 7 days, during which time patients should avoid getting the ears wet. Over-the-counter pain medications can help alleviate any lingering discomfort.

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