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During a deep neck lift, the neck contours are sculpted and redefined. The skin, muscle, fat, glands, and connective tissue are all addressed to provide the most profound and lasting anti-aging outcome. Dr. Garrett Locketz’s eye for detail and innate artistry results in elegant, personalized changes that can elevate your self-confidence and quality of life.

Why Choose Us for a Deep Neck Lift in Denver?

Dr. Garrett Locketz is an award-winning, Fellowship-trained Facial Plastic Surgeon who has earned a reputation for outstanding results and compassionate, customized care. He underwent extensive elite training at among the most prestigious institutions in the nation, including NYU, UPenn, and Stanford University. 

Peak Plastic Surgery Center in beautiful Denver, CO, provides patients with a serene, luxurious practice setting that boasts state-of-the-art technology and spacious, soothing treatment suites. Patients enjoy concierge amenities, comfort, convenience, and the utmost discretion. 

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What is a Deep Neck Lift?

Our deep neck lift in Denver is a comprehensive procedure that addresses multiple layers of the neck for stunning results. The surgery can adjust the deep fat layer, the platysma muscle layer, the large digastric muscles attached to the hyoid bone, the hyoid bone itself, bulging submandibular glands, and the mylohyoid muscle. Neck liposuction can be added to your deep neck lift as well to further enhance your results. Dr. Locketz’s complex and precision-oriented approach spares no detail to accomplish your aesthetic goals. He is a leader in this technically demanding surgery.

How is a Deep Neck Lift Different?

Conventional neck lift surgery addresses only the outer layer of skin and sutures the platysmal muscles together. There is no lifting, releasing, or repositioning of the deeper neck structures. Fat beneath the platysma layer is not adjusted or removed.

With a deep neck lift, the muscle layers are released from the deeper layers, allowing Dr. Locketz to reposition them. Excess fat that has collected in these layers can be removed or redistributed for a more natural and lasting transformation with enhanced definition and sculpting.

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What are the Benefits of a Deep Neck Lift

  • Avoids overly stretched, tight, or tense neck contours
  • A more natural and lasting improvement due to released platysma muscles
  • Deeper accumulations of fat can be addressed and removed
  • Ideal for those with full, heavy necks
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Can eliminate a “turkey neck”

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Patients experiencing loose skin, vertical platysmal banding, submental fullness, and “turkey neck” can all benefit from our deep neck lift in Denver performed at Peak Plastic Surgery Center. The surgery is appropriate for patients in their 30s and 40s who are beginning to see signs of aging, as well as for older patients seeking enhanced jawline definition and a more appealing profile. As with any cosmetic procedure, patients should be healthy non-smokers with realistic expectations for their results.

Deep Neck Lift Recovery

Because a deep neck lift is more focused on the deeper neck structures and less on pulling tight the superficial layers of skin, recovery time is typically quite manageable. Patients can expect to resume normal activities within 1-2 weeks and resume their exercise regimens within 3-4 weeks. Dr. Locketz will provide clear, individualized instructions for your recovery, along with the appropriate pain medications and dressings. He schedules regular follow-up visits to ensure your recovery progresses smoothly and seamlessly. He will answer any questions or concerns that arise promptly and thoroughly.

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Is there more scarring with a deep neck lift?

How long does surgery take?

Is a neck lift safe?

Is there more scarring with a deep neck lift?

No. A neck lift results in a small scar beneath the chin that is typically well-hidden and inconspicuous. Other scars are hidden behind the ears within the hairline where they are not usually visible. Scarring is the same for both a conventional neck lift and a deep neck lift.

How long does surgery take?

When performed in tandem with a facelift, neck lift surgery usually takes 3-4 hours. If the patient is a candidate for a deep neck lift by itself, the procedure is usually 1.5 hours.

Is a neck lift safe?

Yes. Surgical risks are greatly minimized by choosing an experienced, vetted Facial Plastic Surgeon such as Dr. Locketz. He has performed hundreds of facial procedures with long-lasting, successful outcomes.

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