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Regardless of where the skin laxity resides, surgical intervention may be needed to address the issue. As a Fellowship-trained Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Eric Barker proudly offers body sculpting after weight loss surgery in Denver. After your ideal weight is reached and maintained, this life-changing treatment at Peak Plastic Surgery Center typically serves as the final step in your weight loss journey.

Why Choose Peak Plastic Surgery Center?

At Peak Plastic Surgery Center in Denver, CO, patients have access to a leading Fellowship-trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who provides the ultimate cosmetic experience and transformative results. Dr. Eric Barker’s flawless reputation is based on his uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of safety and aesthetic excellence. Peak Plastic Surgery Center provides a wide array of surgical and non-surgical solutions in a comfortable, serene practice environment where patients feel empowered, welcomed, and revitalized.

What To Expect From After Weight Loss Surgery

If weight loss has caused stretched and sagging skin, surgery at Peak Plastic Surgery Center can remove the extra skin and tighten the underlying tissues for a firmer and healthier appearance. Our procedure for body contouring after weight loss in Denver requires general anesthesia. It may also involve a combination of high-definition VASER liposuction and skin/tissue excision. Compared to other cosmetic surgeries, after weight loss surgery typically requires larger incisions. However, Dr. Barker makes every attempt to minimize the appearance of your incisions.

Given that oftentimes large amounts of skin and tissue need to be addressed during surgery, patients will be asked to wear compression garments to reduce swelling. Drainage tubes may also be used to help if excessive drainage is expected. Our team at Peak Plastic Surgery Center will provide detailed aftercare instructions to help you heal. On average, it takes roughly 6 weeks until you can resume full activities, but depending on the complexity of the surgery, it may take longer. Dr. Barker will ensure you are well educated on the timing of restrictions and when you can expect to increase your activity in a safe manner. 

What is VASER 360 Body Contouring?

High-definition VASER 360 liposuction provides in-depth sculpting for the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, and many other areas of the physique. It can be combined with most cosmetic surgeries to enhance and  improve results. The process involves ultrasonic energy waves that liquify the fat cells prior to their removal through a liposuction cannula (slender tube) while keeping the surrounding framework in place.  This leads to a smoother and more powerful result as compared to standard liposuction performed alone. 

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What treatments will be included in my after weight loss surgery?

When should I undergo after weight loss surgery?

What will my recovery be like after surgery?

What treatments will be included in my after weight loss surgery?

Typical areas that are addressed with this procedure are the stomach, butt, thighs, arms, breasts, and neck. During your initial consultation, Dr. Barker will address your concerns and goals, performing a thorough exam and review of your medical history. When this is complete, he will provide the customized recommendations for what treatments should be included with your after weight loss surgery.

When should I undergo after weight loss surgery?

Over the course of your weight-loss journey, the areas of excess skin will become apparent. This is usually a good time to schedule your initial consultation at Peak Plastic Surgery Center. During this initial meeting, Dr. Barker will discuss how to prepare for your after weight loss surgery and what areas should be part of your treatment plan. Before moving forward with surgery, you should be at or near your goal weight.

What will my recovery be like after surgery?

Recovery will vary depending on how many areas are addressed. If many areas are treated, it may take you longer to recover. During your initial consultation, Dr. Barker will let you know what you can expect in terms of downtime, and he will provide tips on how to make your recuperation journey as comfortable as possible. Appointments for follow-up exams at Peak Plastic Surgery Center will need to be scheduled so he can assess your healing.

Dr. Barker did the absolute best job! There were zero complications and the results are better than I ever expected. Dr. Barker and his staff are incredible and so thoughtful. I 1000% would recommend Peak Plastic Surgery Center, for not only the amazing results but also the phenomenal experience! 


Achieving Your Unique Body Sculpting Goals

Losing weight is a life-changing accomplishment, and we congratulate you if you have finally met your personal goals. If excess, sagging skin is a current challenge, Dr. Barker invites you to learn about your treatment options for plastic surgery. Our body contouring after weight loss surgery in Denver can further transform your figure. Please contact Peak Plastic Surgery Center to schedule an appointment with Dr. Barker and his team.

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