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Morpheus8 delivers innovative radiofrequency (RF) energy through microneedling to remodel the subdermal layers of the skin, fortifying the underlying scaffolding for a firmer, more youthful-looking appearance. The gentle heat energy helps to revitalize the body’s production of collagen, an all-important protein that gives youthful complexions their suppleness, resilience, and energized glow. Because the Morpheus8 device does not affect the superficial skin layers, there is no risk of hyperpigmentation after the procedure and treatment can be performed for all skin types.

Why Choose Peak Plastic Surgery Center?

Peak Plastic Surgery Center in Denver, CO provides a world-class, patient-centric practice setting where meticulous attention to detail and consummate artistry combine to produce stunning aesthetic results. From our concierge care and luxury amenities to our spacious, fully equipped treatment suites, every aspect of our offices is designed with patient safety, comfort, and renewal in mind. Morpheus8 is just one of our many innovative solutions for achieving your best self, both inside and out.

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What Is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is an innovative take on conventional microneedling that adds radiofrequency energy to further enhance the treatment’s skin tightening benefits. Morpheus8 also helps to correct lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin by triggering the regeneration of collagen. The ultra-fine needles penetrate the pores at a deep level, sparing the skin superficial damage while accomplishing dramatic remodeling of the underlying skin structures.

Benefits of Morpheus8

  • Enhances collagen production
  • Smooths and firms the skin
  • Combats signs of aging
  • Minimizes acne scarring 
  • Corrects stretch marks
  • No downtime
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Who Is A Candidate For Morpheus8?

For patients seeking an effective yet non-invasive option for revitalizing the skin, Morpheus may represent an ideal treatment path. It is a perfect solution for patients struggling with wrinkles, lines, uneven skin texture, and sun damage. Most healthy patients with realistic expectations will qualify to receive Morpheus8. Those under 18 will require the consent of a guardian, however. You will undergo a detailed consultation with our team to determine if Morpheus8 is the best choice for achieving your individual cosmetic goals.

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What is Morpheus8 Body?

Morpheus8 technology has expanded to offer a cutting-edge solution for tightening the skin, liquifying stubborn fat, and minimizing the appearance of cellulite. This non-surgical body sculpting treatment helps boost collagen production, addressing the root causes of sagging skin from within. Morpheus8 Body can be applied to the stomach, upper arms, bra rolls, buttocks, flanks, knees, thighs, or any region after a liposuction session.

How Does it Work?

Morpheus8 Body is engineered with “Burst Mode” technology that delivers RF energy to multiple depths of the skin with a single energy pulse using specially designed gold-plated microneedles. By targeting the underlying skin tissue at three varying levels over the course of just milliseconds, Morpheus8 allows for minimized treatment times, reduced skin injuries, and optimal uniformity of results.


Since Morpheus8 is non-surgical and non-invasive, there is no need for downtime or recovery. Most patients will return to work, school, and other normal activities the day after their session. Mild pinpoint bleeding may occur that lasts just minutes. For up to one week, the skin may feel hot and red, as though a sunburn has occurred. Mild swelling in the treated regions may last several days.


After Morpheus8, your skin will feel revitalized and refreshed. Over the coming weeks and months, collagen production will increase, providing the skin with a plumper, firmer, and more youthful-looking appearance. Deflated contours will look rounder and smoother. Our team recommends a series of Morpheus8 sessions to experience comprehensive improvements in skin tone, texture, and tightness.

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